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Lunch WOD & Open Gym $15 per classFrom $0 per visit with Friends and Family passPurchase required to enroll

LUNCH WOD - Every day 11:30 to 12:15 there will be a coach led WOD. Get in, workout and get back to the office in 45 minutes!
Open Gym - The gym will be open 11:30 to 2:00 for you do come in and do you workout. The gym and the coaches are there for you. Pick a WOD or make up your own. We'll help you if you need it, or you can do your own thing.

Barbell Club (Advanced Only)

60 minute class for advanced CrossFitters only that are very familiar with all the Olympic and Power barbell lifts. A coach is available and present but is not a coach-led class.

CrossFit WOD & Open Gym

60 minute class. Open Gym is available for those athletes that want to make up a missed WOD, work on skills, drills, weightlifting or gymnastics. A coach is available for consult but not a structured or a coach-led class.

Endurance Class

60 minute class. Lower weights, higher reps and focusing more on building endurance with emphasis on running, rowing and biking. Focus on Pose running drills and technique.

Suck it Up Saturday

Suck-it-Up Saturday is designed for the advanced CF athlete. It is longer, higher volume workout than during the week and classes can go over 1 hour.

That said, Saturdays are fun, more laid back days for EVERYONE to participate. If you are new to CrossFit come on in, in fact bring a friend, but expect to scale the reps and weights and possibly modify some of the movements. You may also do it with a partner, doing the workout "team style", cutting down the reps and allowing more rest time.

Child care is not provided, but children are welcome to come in and draw/play with the other kids.

Open Gym $22 per classFrom $0 per visit with Friends and Family passNo purchase required to enroll

Open gym is a time for you to come in and workout at your own pace. There is a coach who can work with you on anything that you may need help with or that you want to work on.
You can make up a WOD or do one that you missed during the week.
This is a great time to practice things that you dont have time to do in class. Skill work such as pull ups, hand stand push ups, muscle ups. Take time to do additional strength work or spend as much time as you need on mobility.

CrossFit WOD $22 per classFrom $0 per visit with Friends and Family passPurchase required to enroll

60 minute class led by a certified CF Level 1 coach. This class focuses on Constantly Varied, Functional Movement at high intensity. Is scalable for any and all fitness levels, ages, and injuries.

Sunday Open Gym $15 per classPlans available from $181No purchase required to enroll

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids (1st-5th Grade)

NEW KIDS & PARENTS, we appreciate your interest in our program. Every class is planned out the day before to allow for ability levels and the number of kids registered, that is why we require 24-hour pre-registration for NEW kids. We can not accept day of drop-ins for first-time kids.

45 minute long class for kids in grade K-5. Kids learn functional movements, have fun, and play games.

CrossFit Teens (6th-12th Grade)

NEW TEENS & PARENTS, we appreciate your interest in our program. We introduce teens to barbels, Kettlebells, and other movements that require coaching and technique work. In order to plan our workouts each day and to accommodate different ability levels we require 24-hour pre-registration for NEW teens. We can not accept day of drop-ins for first-timers.

60 minute class for pre-teens and teens in 6th grade and up. Focus on learning functional movements, body awareness and living a healthy fitness lifestyle.

FASP Kids Camp Purchase required to enroll

PreSchool Fit $60Purchase required to enroll

Class for 3-5 year olds. No weights involved, we focus on functional movements, running, jumping, tumbling and all around fitness. Having fun is a requirement! Parents are asked to stay at the gym during class but not participating.


Personal Training 1:1 Purchase required to enroll

Personal Training is 1 hour sessions.
PT must be discussed with trainer prior to purchase.

30 minute 1 on 1 $35 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll

Rowing Clinic 2 $20Purchase required to enroll


Nutrition Coaching-Initial Intro Free

FREE intro to Nutrition meeting with a Nutrition Coach. Discuss goals, accountability and options for ongoing nutrition planning and support.